You are currently viewing Application For McDonald Fellowships 2022 (Fully Funded)

Application For McDonald Fellowships 2022 (Fully Funded)

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The McDonald fellowships 2022(fully funded) application is still ongoing and you are urged today to get yourself a lucky opportunity to be one of those that would be having to travel to Canada for the first time or probably you might have gone to Canada before but this is an opportunity for you to be able to have the privilege of studying amongst other peers in Canada.

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In this content, you will be seeing completely the whole guide for you that would take through all you need to know about applying for the McDonald fellowships 2022 and the things you would need to put in mind while applying all of this is what I would be discussing and showing to you in this content

About The McDonald fellowships 2022-2023

The McDonald Fellowships 2022-2023 has been equipped for the sake of international students who want to study abroad but do not have enough money to pull through. This scholarship is available for those seeking to further their master’s degree and Ph.D. education. This fellowship was made of two kinds and one of them is the one if the amount GBP 30,000 per year, is going to cover their traveling fee and there is going to be an additional amount that would be given to them which is GBP 2,000 a year to the institution.

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The McDonald fellowships 2022 is also capable of making those new intakes career worthy at low or zero cost you can do so much than you can imagine at the McDonald fellowships as the school has over 27 courses being offered which you would love to participate in one of the courses by which the McDonald fellowships is offering.

Summary about the McDonald fellowships Scholarship 2022

  • Level of Study: Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): McDonald
  • Eligible applicant: Can be Neighboring country or the participant’s home country
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Multiple Sclerosis
  • Time to use: Two years
  • Deadline: June 30, 2022

About what the scholarship offers

These are the following things you stand to gain from the McDonald Fellowships if you get lucky to be among those admitted students

  • One participant wolf gets the sum of GBP 30,000 per year living and travel expenses.
  • As for you as a fellow, you will be getting a whopping GBP 2,000.

McDonald fellowships 2022-2023 eligibility standard

For you to be able to be sure you are ready to be among the lucky candidate that is going to be approved to study at McDonald fellowships 2022 what You have below you must make sure you abide by every bit of what you see there

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  • You must understand the English language
  • Eligible Countries: International students from low or middle-income countries
  • A candidate has to be at least a Master’s student or PhD. or MD.
  • For the fact that the application is going to be taken randomly by the applicant and host institute, you as an applicant would have to state the country you come from.


Ensure you do everything that you see above there does not make a mistake one bit

then lastly is important you know that your reference is also important so before the deadline, you are urged to submit a reference letter to research{at}msif{dot}org


To know more about McDonald Fellowships, please visit the official website:


Official Website

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