This Mini Study in Germany Guide has been created to help international students to understand the needed information for successfully applying to study in Germany and the requirements they need to meet to be able to be admitted at a German university. The guide also gives information on preparing for study life in Germany and gives insight on support for getting accommodation and bank account opening among others.

This guide sums up all the stages you need to go through and things you need to do-from pre-admission, admission, post-admission and staying in Germany after your studies. It is time you can make your dream of studying and living in Germany come true.

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More than just a Student


This book is a memoir. It draws a selective anecdote from my life in the campus. A compilation of my thoughts, reactions and reflections on the world of student.

Most students in classrooms today were born at the turn of the millennium. The world is changing rapidly, demanding new knowledge and skills, and offering new learning environments and ways of learning. Yet educational institutions in Nigeria has continued to look at reality through the rear-view mirror.