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Our Services

EuroAfConsults offer a free practical guide, connections, and consultation services to help both individuals and institutions achieve their educational goals without much stress.
We take the stress off you and ensure a smooth transition from your home country to your destination country of study.

We go through the following stages/phases with you:

Application Stage:

How to go about your application including guidance and support in preparing your application documents, motivation letters, research proposal, etc.


Our team of experts are happy to counsel, guide, and help you in choosing the right carrier path. We help you in making decisions related to:

  • What course to study
  • Requirements for specific/different courses: requirements for various courses. links to the requirements for each of the courses
  • Future prospects: Concise data containing about the future job prospect in regards to the course of study and also the best courses to venture into in this 21st century
  • Best career/courses for the future: We advise on the courses with best future career prospect

Writing a Motivation Letter or Statement of Purpose, Expression of Interest and Research Proposal

We help you with guidelines on how to compose a strategic award winning motivation letter or Expression of Interest letter + samples of motivation letters (BSc, MSc, Ph.D.). A personalized writeup on your behalf from EuroAfConsults is also possible on request.

Writing a research proposal (for MSc and Ph.D. applicants). We have benefited from numerous scholarship opportunities and have written hundreds of motivation letters, statements of purposes, and research plans/proposals. we can help you in this regards.

Contacting professors for Ph.D. thesis supervision info and strategies on how to contact and request for Ph.D. thesis supervision from Professors.

Preparing your documents and getting them certified

Provide you with adequate information about the documents you need to prepare before searching for a scholarship.

Processing stage/Admission processing stage

  • We keep you updated during the processing period of your application.
  • We give you first-hand information directly from the prospective school.

Visa Application/
Processing stage

  • Our team will support you through the visa application/processing phase. We guarantee a first-hand practical experience to enable you obtain your visa without stress.
  • We offer you free visa counseling, the does and don’t during visa interviews.
  • Documents to be provided and how to answer visa interview questions .

Flight ticket and bookings

  • We help search and recommend affordable flights.
  • Thanks to our travel experiences and good knowledge of the airline industry. Using our search tool we can determine the best prices for you taking note of comfort-ability and price.
  • We book the best flights for you.
  • Pre-departure briefing.

Arrival and settling & Accommodation Assistance

    Although this stage may look like an easy or may seem to be very exciting for students/people coming to a new environment having left your home country and having scaled through all the previous stages, many international students still face serious challenges in settling. The two major problems faced by international students are:

  • Getting/searching for accommodation.
  • Making friends with locals and other nationals, especially at the early stage of arrival.
  • In view of this, we provide support to help take care of the above challenges.

  • Your comfort and easy settling is our concern!
  • We provide you assistance in seeking/searching for accommodation.
  • We can search and book accommodation on your behalf or we provide links where you can search for accommodation.

Making friends/connection made easy

    We offer many other services that make your early stay in your new environment very comfortable and remarkable.

  • We assist in networking and inform you of both social and religious organizations and events which may interest you.
  • We connect you to students of your home country studying at your new school.
  • We connect you to locals of your new community by organizing/informing you of social gatherings which enables you to integrate better and faster.
  • We also offer group tours around your area so you can easily integrate into your new environment!!

Student Jobs

    Finally, we provide full support to land you a student job for those interested in the study & work approach. Our team of experienced experts are conversant with challenges, difficulties, and problems faced by individuals who intend to pursue their studies abroad.

  • We are ready to leverage our experience to take up the challenge on your behalf.
  • we are ever ready to listen to you, brainstorm and proffer best solutions in an ever dynamic world, handling the situations on a case by case bases.
  • Not only proffering solutions, we also ensure the step by step implementation of these solutions; thereby putting smiles on your face. Until our client smiles, we are not satisfied; until he/she settles down fully for his/her studies, we do not rest.
  • Our team of experienced experts come from various background and with strong standing and foundation in engineering, sciences, economics, law, social sciences, and arts and have bagged numerous awards and scholarships such as the Federal Scholarship Board Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship (FSB), Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship, Tempus public foundation scholarship, the German academy exchange service (DAAD) scholarships, just to mention a few and we know our onion!!!


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