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Studying in Hungary

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Studying in Hungary- Hungary is a country in Central Europe that is famous for its beautiful cities. Sure, it makes the country become very popular in the realm of tourists for vacation. But how is the quality of it’s education? Is it a good idea to continue your higher education there? Here is the explanation.

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Why should you choose Hungary as your study destination? – Studying in Hungary

The first reason why Hungary is a demanded destination for study is about low living cost. Yes, prices there whether for foods or renting houses tend to be cheaper than any other countries in Europe. For example, if you are studying in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, you only need to spend around EUR 520 per month. Sure, outside Budapest, the living cost is getting lower.

Secondly, although this country is not as popular as the UK or France, Hungary still offers you a good quality education system. Some famous study programs from the country are Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine in which the quality has been recognized by WHO.

Thirdly, Universities in Hungary follow a system known as the Bologna Process. It means colleges or universities there can give titles Bachelor, Master, and PhD at once when requirements are fulfilled.

Higher Education System and the List of Top Universities – Studying in Hungary

Higher education in Hungary is available not only for people in European countries but also for foreigners. The diploma found enables graduates to develop their careers inside and outside of Europe. The system of Hungarian education involves 3 steps just like the international standard; they are bachelor, master, and doctoral.

For international students, they can follow one of this three training programs. Which are: the training program of the university, the language course, and the complex class. You should not worry, some programs use English as their language of instruction. But sure, to enable you to live well there, you still need to learn Hungarian.

Some universities and colleges in Hungary are included in Top 1000 or even 500 in the world. They are the University of Szeged; currently placed 500-550 in the QS World University Ranking, Eotvos Lorand University; ranked 651-700 in the world, and University of Debrecen; ranked 651-700 in the world, and more.

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Hungarian government provides scholarships whether for national or international students. Besides, there are also scholarships as forms of collaboration between the government and private institutions. The most popular one is the scholarship issued by the Hungarian Scholarship Board (HBS). It is given for students of bachelor to doctoral degrees.


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Courses to Study


Those courses are widely available starting from a bachelor to the doctoral degree. Interestingly, they are also some of the study programs in which the scholarships are mostly provided.

Student Jobs

The part-time job is rarely found in Hungary whether for students or for common people. It is actually typical of the central and eastern European countries. So, you should not be surprised if you may find it quite difficult to get a job there while studying. But don’t worry; there are many campus activities to earn money like conducting events and others. Besides, you can also get one of the part-time jobs from the internet recently very popular there.

Life after Studying in Hungary

Studying abroad, no matter where it is, is still demanded since it makes your CV more valuable. One of them is because of the consideration of the graduate being multilingual. It is including if you decide to study in Hungary. Particularly if you are interested to get a job in Europe, opportunities are getting bigger for you.

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