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Studying in Singapore

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Why studying in Singapore is a perfect choice for international students.

Studying in Singapore should be one great option for you. Some countries in Asia are considered developed in terms of economy, social, and education. One of them is Singapore. Well, this country is small indeed. But inside, there are many top-class universities with high-standard education systems. Based on data from UNESCO, around 50,000 foreign students come to Singapore to study every year. So, do you want to be one of them?

Why should you choose Singapore as your study destination? – Studying in Singapore

The first reason for studying in Singapore is because of the environment. Singapore is well-known as a country with very good security and safety level. Meanwhile, pollution is controlled well so that it becomes really clean and healthy. Not to forget, cultures there are rich with local people from various ethnics including Chinese, Malayan, Indian, and Eurasian.

Secondly, Singapore is one of the leading countries for research and technology. So, it is reasonable if the universities there are really ideal for studying mainly if you have a high interest in them.

Thirdly, some universities in Singapore are awarded multiple times as the best universities in the world based on QS ranking. Even the country itself is always in the top 20 in the category of QS Best Student Cities.

Higher Education System and the List of Top Universities – Studying in Singapore

As a small country, Singapore may not provide so many universities just like other countries in the world. Although the number is limited in quantity, almost all of them are good in quality. Around 6 leading universities provide a hundred thousand chances to study in levels of bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees. Funding from the government is also really big for higher education while schools and universities can handle their own systems autonomously.

Some of the best universities in Singapore based on QS World University Rankings are the National University of Singapore; ranked 11th worldwide and 1sth in Asia, Nanyang Technological University; ranked 12th worldwide, Singapore Management University, SIM University, and Singapore University of Technology and Design; ranked 477 worldwide. Other universities may rank below them but still considered qualified and demanded; they are SIM University, Singapore University Technology and Design, and Melior International College.


Some scholarships are available from the government of Singapore. First, there is Singapore Government Scholarships for Southeast Asians. The scholarship is given to students from Southeast Asian countries except for Singapore itself. The scholarship is available for all degrees. Second, is the NUS Graduate Students Scholarship for ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Similar to the first scholarship, it is provided for ASEAN students but only for those pursuing master and doctoral degrees.

Other scholarships are given by private companies and institutions. They are Temasek Education Foundation Sunburst Scholarships, the Dr. Goh Keng Swee Scholarship, and more. The types are numerous, be it full or partial scholarships.

Courses to Study

Singapore is a good choice for those who are interested in studying programs like Engineering, Pure Science, Management, Finance and Law. Those courses are available for various degrees; bachelor, master, and doctoral depending on the university or college you choose.

Student Jobs

Based on the regulation published by Immigration and Checkpoints (ICA) of Singapore, international students are allowed to work for 16 hours per week. To take more working hours, a work permit is needed.

Life after Studying in Singapore

Singapore Universities have been famous worldwide for their good qualities. Therefore, graduating from one of them becomes a consideration for companies to accept you when you are applying for a job. Some universities have been collaborating with government and private institutions within and outside the country to conduct research. Consequently, careers are more opened for students who are participating in it. Post-Doctoral

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