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Study in Iceland Approved Guide 2024

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Study in Iceland Approved Guide

Iceland offers great opportunities for higher education in seven highly qualified international academic programs across various fields. Icelandic institutes of higher education welcome applications sent by qualified students from all over the world. USA Universities that accept HND, 2.2 & 3rd Class Degree holders.


You can move with your family for your Master’s study.

2. No age limit for Bachelor’s program.

3. Admission application closes 1st February, 2024.

4. POF is €1456 /month for a single person, and €1900/month for couples.

5. Tuition fee is between 500-600 USD per year.

All info is here: Visit website

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There is more to Iceland than just ice and land. It is a great place to live and study.

Iceland is home to a progressive and peaceful nation that has formed a modern society where freedom and equality are the most important qualities. Iceland continuously ranks near the top of measurements for quality of life, gender equality and democracy, and is one of the highest ranked countries in the world in terms of health care, education and internet availability.


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