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Common Excuses and Answers in Scholarship Search

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Common Excuses and Answers in Scholarship Search

1. I don’t have my official transcript, can I still send emails to potential supervisors?
Ans: Your undergraduate results can be compiled in a single pdf and can be used temporarily. Just explain in your email.
2. I don’t have any research background, Infect my undergraduate work was almost copied.
Answer: In your scholarship search, potential supervisors wants to know that you have an idea about their research. Hence, make sure you read about them and their work. Take time to…understand their recent research work, and then send mail to them regarding it. It will be better if you can ask them questions about their work or offer some suggestions. This will make them understand that you are inquisitive and creative, which is needed in a research.
3. My undergraduate CGPA is low, I don’t think I can compete.

Ans: Well, you can address this issue by writing a very good statement of purpose, have good test scores and make sure you establish good conversation by. Dr

explained this in one of…. her videos. She finished with a 2:2, but she is now a Professor .

4. I don’t have money presently to do GRE and TOEFL. What can I do?
Ans: Start contacting professors first, establish a very good relationship by writing very good email. If a Professor likes your work, he can wait till you get your test results. There are also…… organisations that sponsor international exams provided you can prove yourself.
5. I don’t have publications. Can I still impress a Professor?
Ans: Publication is a proof that you have research experience. However, it does not limit your chances if you don’t have, provided you can read wide and understand the Professor’s current research area.
6. I am so confused about the whole scholarship process, how can I even get started?
Ans: Start from your mind. If you want a scholarship, irrespective of your background, you can get it, provided you are willing to fail many times

7. The lockdown has limited my chances of getting my documents from school as well as reaching my undergraduate lecturers. Ans: You are not the only one in this shoe. Nobody will request anything urgent from you in this period. Therefore, prepare for other things, especially…writing emails. I said in my last tweet about scholarship research that your writing skills is the most important skill needed in scholarship application process. #ScholarshipTipsWithDeewon CC:


Kindly share and invite your friends. I will explain how to write a standard email to a potential supervisor for Msc or PhD application soon.

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