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Jobs in Qatar for Foreign Workers in 2023

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Jobs in Qatar for Foreign Workers in 2023

Prepare to start your professional career in Qatar in one of the many thrilling professions that offer excellent wages and abundant advantages. Working in Qatar’s many industries under the direction of knowledgeable and experienced professionals opens you a world of career possibilities and opportunity for personal development.

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Check Out the Available Jobs in Qatar in Various Fields:

1# Hotel Jobs in Qatar

Working in the hospitality sector has a great deal of responsibility because it is all about offering excellent services to the visitors who come here to brighten their mood. Get ready to earn QAR 11,400 per month as an executive chef, QAR 1,800 per month as a dishwasher, QAR 2,308 per month as a receptionist, and QAR 8,000 per month as a housekeeping agent if you wish to give your services and knowledge in the hotel industry. Jobs at various prominent hotels now open in Qatar, including St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Gold Ocean Hotel, etc., are available to those who are interested.

For work as a chef, housekeeper, or dish washer, qualified candidates must also have taken courses on maintaining cleanliness, creating sanitary conditions, and using kitchen and dishwashing equipment. For the role of a receptionist, effective verbal abilities, competence in English, and a high school graduation are required.

2# Aviation Jobs in Qatar

One can work in the aviation industry for a variety of Qatari Airlines, Airports, & numerous aviation firms, including Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways, Oman Airways, Thales Middle East, etc. One can work as a pilot and make QAR 3,275 per month, a cabin crew manager can make QAR 4,450 per month, a ticketing staff member can make QAR 3,521 per month, and an in-flight engineer can make QAR 13,250 per month.

However, the educational requirements and years of work experience needed for each position vary. For example, a pilot needs a secondary education certificate and clearance from placement tests, a flight-in engineer needs a diploma or equivalent degree in aircraft maintenance, a manager of the cabin crew needs knowledge of onboard services, and ticketing staff needs experience in vocational and trade fields.

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3# Laborers Jobs in Qatar

There are many different professions in the labor market, including plumber, mechanic, heavy machine operator, delivery driver, etc. For example, a skilled plumber can make QAR 2,500 per month, a skilled mechanic can make between QAR 5,000 and QAR 10,500 per month, an equipment operator can make QAR 3,000 per month, and a delivery driver can make QAR 8,400 per month.

However, the respectable Qatari businesses offering these positions with varied benefits include Wyndham Hotel Group, Rafeeq Al Darb Trading Company, Um Al Bawaki Construction Company, and Gulf Union Qatar.

For the roles stated above, a Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating is also necessary, as well as a Diploma in Automotive or Diesel Mechanic, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record for the positions of Heavy Machinery Operator and Delivery Driver.

4# Opportunities for Engineering Jobs in Qatar

Everyone is familiar with the engineering sector and its value because it contains a variety of subfields in which one may pursue a career and earn a respectable income in a short period of time. The following firms are searching for qualified engineers to work in Qatar: SWIFT Trading & Contracting Companies, Siemens, Candid zone Technologies, Maxim Recruitment Limited, etc. Hydraulic engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and infrastructure engineers can work for these companies and earn, respectively, about QAR 12k/month, QAR 8,000/month, QAR 13,500/month, and QAR 18K/month.

The minimum educational qualifications for the aforementioned roles are a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the applicable engineering subject, as well as experience in construction for infrastructure engineers and understanding of water composite systems for hydraulic engineers. Additionally, electrical engineers with a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience must be familiar with HV & LV systems. In the same way, mechanical engineers must have a BS in mechanical engineering and 5 to 10 years of post-graduate experience in businesses involved with oil and gas.

5#  Healthcare Jobs in Qatar

Next on our list is the healthcare industry, which operates round-the-clock with passionate and committed nurses, doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, etc. to offer cutting-edge medical facilities and treatments to inpatients and outpatients. Foreigners interested in working for Qatar’s people in these noble professions can apply for jobs paying QAR 36,900 per month as a doctor, QAR 19,700 per month as an experienced pharmacist, QAR 6117 per month as a registered nurse, and QAR 41,500 per month as a qualified surgeon.

Working in hospitals, clinics, or pharmaceutical firms like First Response Healthcare, Care Nursing Services, Hamad Medical Corporation, etc. is an option for interested foreign healthcare workers. A training completion certificate or a degree in a related discipline is required academically for a qualified surgeon to work in Qatar. However, a Bachelor’s degree in MBBS and successful completion of a 3- to 6-year residency program with a USMLE certificate are prerequisites for becoming a doctor. Nurses must have a BS in nursing and a diploma in general nursing and midwifery, while pharmacists must have a Pharm-D degree and expertise in clinical settings.

6# Jobs in Qatar’s Banking Sector

Last but not least, there are banking positions available in both the public and private sectors, offering competitive pay and lifetime benefits to its staff. As an accountant, HR manager, office assistant, cashier, etc., one can execute these tasks. Salaries will vary based on educational background and prior employment. For instance, a certified accountant can earn QAR 4675 per month, an HR manager can make QAR 19,500 per month, an office assistant can get QAR 3515 per month, and a cashier can make QAR 3174 per month.

At Doha Bank, Commercial Bank of Qatar, National Bank of Qatar, GTS Corporate, etc., interested job seekers can locate the appropriate positions in the interim. On the other hand, to work as a cashier and accountant, banking job requirements call for a BS or MS degree in Accounting, Finance, and Economics. However, having a high school diploma in the relevant profession and two years of work experience are required for the position of Office Assistant. In a same vein, HR managers are required to hold a BS, BA, or Advanced Diploma in Business Administration or Human Resource Management.

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