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Do you know you can pursue your IT career in Europe on scholarship?

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IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP? Opportunities abound they say, but this is relatively proportional to the level of information one has. Information is an edge, knowledge is power. There are so many opportunities for international students who are willing to pursue their IT career abroad and explore the world. Baltic Institute of Technology is a leading IT institution in the Baltics. About Applying for a UK Visa – 7 Important Tips You Need to Know IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP The institute is offering a special European diploma programme in IT development for anyone who is interested in IT-related career. A university degree or previous experience in IT is not necessarily needed for one to apply. This programme is created for talented prospects of any background, as long as one performed credibly in an IT aptitude test.

Baltics Institute of Technology is located in one of the main hubs for technology in Europe, Lithuania. The programme focuses on providing talent for one of the fastest-growing sectors in Europe – ICT. Within 14 months in total, the students will be taught on different ICT topics. The first 7months comprises of elaborate lecture hours ranging from -industry-leading IT professionals in a virtual environment, to additional seven months of project and research. IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP

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  • Introduction to programming
  • Basics of Software development
  • Introduction to app development
  • European business regulation

By the end of the programme, the scholar will be certified as a BIT certified developer with a strong knowledge of JavaScript technologies. The ambitious ones can also be assisted in setting up their own company in the EU with guidelines on how to scale through the European labour market. IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP

However, admission to the programme is strictly regulated as it is only those who pass the test. After the test, an additional interview section will be organized. The aim of this is to test the student’s level of English. The aid assistance manager will assess the motivation for the scholarship.


IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP Baltic Institute European diploma study programmes comprise of courses with leading technologies in the ICT market. Front-end and back-end web development, as well as app developments, are explained explicitly. The knowledge obtained over a relatively short period of time can cover a very broad range of the needs of the job market. Therefore, one can easily focus on a particular area to major upon graduation.

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For one to be admitted to study on Baltics Institute, certain requirements must be met. This includes:

  • Age: 18+
  • Admission test grade: 8/15
  • Education: High school diploma
  • English: Fluent

Available start dates: October 1, 2020, December 1, 2020, January 1, 2021.

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Here is the interesting part, college students who have a passion for ICT-related courses can apply for this opportunity. More so, they can carry out their internships in EU, provided they pass the aptitude test and meet the requirements. They will be paid stipends ranging from 3000eu to 5000eu, depending on the length of the internship.



Certificate obtained from this programme is recognized as an official European level IV diploma certificate. The graduate students will obtain a European professional diploma in IT development, issued by the Ministry of Education in Lithuania. Graduates are advised to go for additional international certificate studies on any of the ICT areas they’ve chosen to major.

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CSR Initiative offers a $9m scholarship at Sharda University.

Sharda University is one of the most popular universities in India with the highest number of international students. As usual, the university has prepared to welcome as many students as possible this season. Students who are successful with their application to study in the prestigious Sharda university. IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP

Why choose India in the first place? IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP

India has always been known for innovation, creativity and leadership. The strength of India’s education system is enormous. The fact remains that the world’s leading companies are being led by-products of Indian education system such as; Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia, Indira Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co, Sundar Pichai, Google Inc, Ajaypal Singh Banga President and the CEO, MasterCard, etc.

A secular nation, tolerant of each other’s beliefs, customs and values, thus celebrates Diwali (Hindu Festival of Lights), Eid (Islamic religious festival) and Christmas (birth of Jesus Christ) along with other festivals with equal fervour. Their famous saying “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” (the world is a family) is never a vague as they show it in their activities. One must definitely feel among in the country. IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP

In terms of education, India has the third-largest higher education system in the World. Education industry in India is estimated to reach US $144 billion by 2020 according to research. Certificates obtained from Indian universities are highly recognized across the world. They are among the people that have first-ever Universities e.g Takshila, Nalanda & Kanchipuram universities top this count. Living cost in India is moderately low when compared to many of the European and Asian countries. With all these attributes, studying on an Indian university will be a journey of adventure and professional excellence.


Welcome to Sharda University – IT CAREER IN EUROPE

Sharda University is located in the Delhi NCR region. It is one of the leading centres of education, research and innovation in that region. It offers over 216 programme/plans in various disciplines. With a strong wave in areas like Education, Healthcare and IT, studying in India is a dream come through. Sharda University is no doubt the only global university in India with students from over 85+ countries, and has academic partnerships with more than 250 Universities across the world. Sharda is truly a definition of international learning environment. IT CAREER IN EUROPE ON SCHOLARSHIP

Amidst covid19 outbreak, CSR initiative was adopted to facilitate the educational sector in the country. In this way, students are:

  • Given up to 50% discount under the CSR initiative (Covid-19 Scholarship Responsibility)
  • 50% Scholarship for Ph.D., M.Tech and other degree programs.
  • 20% assured Scholarships for all programs.

Furthermore, the University has agreed to provide merit-based scholarships. The continuation of this scholarship will exceed beyond post covid19 era, so long as the recipients maintain certain criteria.

The Terms includes:

  • The scholarship is on Tuition fee alone.
  • The Scholarship is subject to verification of original transcripts and other supporting documents as demanded.
  • An applicant eligible for Merit-based Scholarship as well as for any other special waiver or benefit under any other policy, only one benefit will be offered, whichever is higher.

With this new policy, international and local students are open to the offer. So if you have dreams of studying in India, this is a handy opportunity. Follow this link Sharda University for more info

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