You are currently viewing 4 Best US Scholarship Programs for International Students

4 Best US Scholarship Programs for International Students

4 Best US Scholarship Programs for International Students.

It said that “the U.S. is the land of dreams”; a country where you can fulfill all kinds of dreams that you have, including your dream to study in a better environment, facility, and culture. Here are some of the top scholarship programs/awards in USA.

  1. Norbert College – International Grant

This scholarship is provided by St. Norbert College for international students who intend to carryout their  Undergraduate level program(s) at the St. Norbert College. There is no limitation on the kind of program one can take by using this scholarship program. All courses that have an Undergraduate degree program are applicable. You can find more about it here.

2. King’s College – Merit Funding

This scholarship is also made for international students who want to study an Undergraduate level program at King’s College. The scholarship is applied to all relevant subjects that have an undergraduate degree program. It offers up to $18,000 of an educational fund for its applicants. This is a merit-based scholarship program. And so, if successful, the recipients need to show capability and achievement to get continuous support. It also will be renewed once every 4 years. For  more information about this scholarship program, kindly visit its official website.

3. University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Undergraduate Scholarship

The University of Wisconsin provides this special undergraduate scholarship program for international students. This is one of the main requirements to apply for this program.  The application deadline for this program is Dec 1st, 2020. This program will give you a tuition fee benefits starting from $2,000 to $6,000. If you are interested, click here to find more about this scholarship. Best US Scholarship Programs

4. Fordham University Excellence in Theatre Funding

Another great scholarship program you can try is the Fordham University Excellence in Theatre Funding. This program is available for all courses in Undergraduate level programs. Best of all, you will get full support for the course fee. Furthermore, it also has an award system that gives you several benefits, such as room fee coverage. If you are interested in this program, visit its official website. Conclusively, it doesn’t matter which scholarships program that you are going to take. All of them come with unique opportunities. But more importantly, you also need to keep your performance at the top level to be able to get the benefits from these scholarships much longer. 

Best US Scholarship Programs


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