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Finland Scholarships For International Students

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Finland Scholarships For International Students for Those Who Have a Dream to Study to Finland.

Some people have a dream to go to Finland to continue their studies. Finland is considered one of the best countries for its educational system. One of the problems to study in Finland can be high costs. You don’t need to worry this because the list of the finland scholarships here will bring you one step closer to your dream. 

1. Tampere University of Applied Sciences Undergraduate Scholarships

Tampere University offers scholarships for international students. This scholarship is for Undergraduate level applicants who want to continue their studies in the field of Science Education, Engineering, Business, and Information Technology. The scholarship covers:

  • A 50% reduced tuition fee for early bird and approved course.
  • Academic Award supports the students with a 25% to 50% tuition fee waiver. 

The eligibility Tampere University:

  • This scholarship is for international students only. 
  • Applicants must have applied for a Bachelor’s degree program at the university. 

The steps to apply for the scholarship in Tampere University:

The procedure doesn’t require a separate application. You only have to visit the official website and choose the degree you want to take. Then, complete and submit the form. Wait for the approval. 

For more information please visit the official website.

Deadline: Usually January, but we will update the instructions for the 2021 admissions round in autumn 2020. 

2. The University of Helsinki Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship is for EU or EEA applicants. You have an opportunity to achieve your Master’s program. It offers three different categories which are full tuition fee scholarship, the tuition fee only scholarship, and a study grant scholarship. The scholarship covers:

  • Full tuition fee-free. 
  • Applicants earn a study grant or stipend of 10.000 Euros.
  • Get tuition fees only. 
  • A study grant of 10.000 Euros without tuition fee waiver. 

The Eligibility University of Helsinki Scholarship:

  • Applicants should have a good past academic record, test scores, extra-curricular involvement, and leadership skills.
  • Applicants should not have a permanent residence status in the EU or EEA area and are liable for tuition fees. 
  • Applicants should have an entry visa and residence permit for Finland.

The steps to apply University of Helsinki:

  • Go to the official website and check the Master’s program through the Degree Finder.
  • Follow the instructions. 
  • Apply with the same application form.
  • Submit all the requirements attachments.

For more information please visit the official website.

3. University of Oulu Scholarships – finland scholarships

The university offers scholarships for a Master’s degree. The scholarships are open for international students. Applicants can choose to take the two-year of the International Master’s programs or five-year of the Intercultural Teacher Education program. The scholarships cover:

  • A tuition fee waiver for about 50% or 75% of the full tuition fee. 
  • 50% tuition fee scholarship for Oulu Business School Programmes.
  • 75% tuition fee scholarship for all the international programs except Oulu Business School International Master’s programs and Intercultural Teacher Education program.

The eligibility University of Oulu Scholarships:

  • The scholarships are eligible for Master’s programs of economics, finance, financial and management accounting, international business management, and marketing.
  • It is received only once. 

The Steps to Apply for University of Oulu Scholaeships:

  • Applicants should check the steps on the official website for the right information 
  • No separate application system for International Scholarship 
  • The application is submitted together with the application for the chosen study option in the Study Info portal. 

For more information please visit its official website.


Starting date: January 2021.


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