You are currently viewing US immigration – 10 important Facts You Might Not know, start the process now!

US immigration – 10 important Facts You Might Not know, start the process now!

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10 facts about US immigration you might not know-Whether you’re trying to get into the US to work or simply as a tourist, it can be hard to know where to start or what information you need to make the process smoother. This can be especially difficult if English isn’t your first language and you don’t have many contacts in the US. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your time with US immigration go more smoothly.

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Here are 10 facts about US immigration that might surprise you.

A non-immigrant Visa for Nigerians or other nationals gives you permission to live, work or study in the United States for a particular period of time. It takes about six months for your application to go through, and if everything is approved, you’ll be able to live, study, work, etc. in America. Following your travel to the US with the non-immigrant visa, after completion of your studies, you may seek a job afterward or engage in other economic activities. With this, you can then proceed to apply for A US Green Card or Permanent Residence Permit.

A lot of people have an outdated idea of how US immigration works. Popular films like The Godfather and television shows like Homeland and Treme all get immigration wrong, which feeds into a distorted view of how to come to America from abroad. These are just a few of some common misconceptions many migrants have about living in America. This has led to much confusion surrounding American immigration laws and policies, making life difficult for immigrants wishing to live in America permanently.

Study in the USA

The United States is an excellent choice for international students wishing to study abroad. With a large selection of schools and vibrant social life, studying in America offers much more than just a degree.

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While there are many scholarships available to foreign students, it is vital that you make sure they are going to cover all your expenses while studying in America as tuition fees are very high compared to other countries. These fees can rise even further if certain subjects are chosen. With that in mind, it is important to choose a college with good value-for-money.

Many schools charge fees based on how many credits are taken in a given semester, so taking fewer credits per semester means more money can be spent on living expenses and other costs during your time in America. Always talk to your chosen college or university before starting any course so that they can fully prepare you for life as an international student.

Working in the USA

If you’re considering a move to the United States, it’s important to understand what working in America means. You may have heard that U.S. jobs are scarce and wages are low, or that workers have no rights and are constantly exploited but is any of that true? We run down 10 quick facts every prospective worker should know before taking on life across an ocean. The Cameron Impact Scholarship 2022 USA For International Students

How many foreigners live in America? In 2017, there were an estimated 43.7 million foreign-born individuals living in the United States. That’s 13.5% of a total population of 324 million—the highest percentage since 1910 and more than twice as high as it was in 1970 (6.7%). The statistics for states like California are even more striking, with one in four residents born outside of America.

Studying, Working, and Starting a Business in America

To qualify for an H-1B visa, a foreign national must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. For workers who want to start a business, there are additional requirements. You can learn more about how to immigrate to America in our guide.

The Diversity Visa Lottery

In an effort to make itself more multicultural, Congress created a lottery.

Through it, 50,000 visas are randomly granted each year to foreign nationals who have completed high school or have two years of recent work experience in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience.

Since 1994, more than 6 million individuals from countries underrepresented in U.S. immigration streams (based on their share of worldwide migration) have been granted permanent residency through diversity visa lottery benefits.

Spouse of an American Citizen

If your spouse is a U.S. citizen, or if you have an immediate relative (child, parent, or sibling) who is a U.S. citizen, then there are two options available to obtain permanent residency and/or citizenship through family-based petitions: The first option is to file an I-130 immigrant petition with USCIS U.S.

Investor Immigration

One of the major immigration visa categories is EB-5, or investor visa. In order to qualify for EB-5, an individual must invest a minimum of $1 million in a new commercial enterprise that creates at least 10 jobs.

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The investment must be maintained by either purchasing U.S. securities (such as stocks) or funding a business project.

Skilled Worker Immigration

US Immigration Skilled worker programs typically target those with a high school diploma and/or several years of work experience in a related field.

Applicants may either apply as individual workers or as part of a group. Immigrants who enter through these programs generally must have job offers secured prior to entering.

Since many immigrants coming to America are young, skilled, and well-educated, they often bring their families and create jobs for Americans by starting businesses in their new communities.

Coming to America as a Refugee

Refugees are people who are forced to flee their home country because of persecution, war, or violence.

The refugee resettlement process is a legal process where individuals and families apply for asylum in a new country based on humanitarian grounds. To be considered for asylum, refugees must demonstrate that they were persecuted or have a well-founded fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. With this, they can then proceed with the US immigration application under the category of Asylum seeker(s) or refugee.

Extra, Extra Special Favors

As a foreigner in America, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices in your personal life—but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy certain benefits. On top of all of these perks, there are plenty of unique extra privileges and considerations for foreigners when it comes to visas and green cards. When it comes time to file paperwork with USCIS, that experience is just as different as everyday life in America. Green card eligibility


With tens of thousands of people taking their shot at moving to America every year, it’s easy to get discouraged and frustrated.

However, knowing these ten facts will put your mind at ease and give you a real chance at winning your visa lottery or green card case. You’ve worked hard for years; now it’s time to relax and put your future in your own hands. Our team is here to guide you through every step in your US immigration drive.

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