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The Last Key That Opens The Door

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The Last Key That Opens The Door

You must have heard the saying that the last key in the ring opens the door. A parallel of that is: The straw that broke the camel’s back.

Both statements, on the surface, sound ludicrous. How is it that it is the last key in the ring that opens the door? The second one has even greater paradox. How in the world can a straw, whether a strand or a bunch of it, break the back of a camel? Apply for Lester B Pearson International Scholarship 2022 Toronto, Canada

But like all paradox, although the statements sound absurd, close attention reveal their actuality. They may sound ridiculous and impossible, but once you come to grips with the details, the big picture immediately appears not only true but also quite profound.

What then is the meaning and application of this? It seems to suggest that success comes only at the last hour.

So then, for instance, is a student who desires overseas scholarship be  advised to wait until the end of the year in order to secure it? Or, is he to wait till his last year of undergraduate studies?5 scholarship facts you won’t believe


Wrong Meaning

That it is the “last key” that works does not mean you have to look for that last key. That there is a straw that breaks the camel’s back does not mean you should go searching for that particular straw.

Much likewise, you do not wait for some magical omen to signal you of the “right” time to make that application.

The last-key-last-straw principle simply expounds the importance of persistent effort towards a goal.

If you want to cut down a huge tree with an axe, it is unlikely that you will succeed with the very first blow. Yet the blow that brings down the tree might be the weakest of all the blows you ever gave.Your efforts have so accumulated that the very next attempt, as insignificant as it might appear, would be the last – the successful last attempt.

So just keep hacking. You can’t give up now.

Is The Last Key That Opens The Door In The Bunch?

Even though persistence is such a powerful virtue, some efforts can also come to nought and wasted.

Imagine trying the key on a whole bunch, with the hope that you will surely find the right one no matter how long it takes. Now you tried all the keys, but alas, you have the wrong bunch of keys!

The wrong bunch is one that does not contain the needed key.

You can agree that it is insane to keep doing things the same way and expect a different result. This is when persistence actually becomes foolish, because it is not bound for the desired result. If you are in the wrong direction, then no matter how fast or far you travel, your destination will always elude you. Japanese (Mext) Scholarship For Undergraduate And Research Program 2022


Have you been going the wrong places to make enquiry concerning your studies? Then you are unlikely to get anything useful. Have you been applying for admission or scholarship in schools/institutions that have no such opening? Then your efforts will remain unfruitful, you time and resources wasted. How To Win Scholarships Like You Digest Your Food


Ensure you have the right bunch of keys; then keep on trying the keys even though you have no clue about the correct one.


In practical terms: go to the right websites for the right information, opportunities, and assistance. You may not get your answer at once, but this is the area where persistence becomes valuable. So long you keep on keeping on in the right direction, your success is guaranteed.


The Last Key Is Unknown

The value of continuity cannot be overemphasized. As the Holy Writ says, “Men ought always to pray and not give up”. So you must keep on pushing for your scholarship and not give up. In academics, as in all issues of life, success does not always come at the first attempt.


Most times you might be doing everything right but are just unsure why it has not worked yet.


So long you know you are taking the right moves, you just have to keep on trying the “keys”. The right key is in the bunch. It has no mark on it. So you have to keep on testing till you encounter the right one.


Have you been denied visa at the embassy? Well, learn from the past failures and try again. Did you miss the last application by just a slight chance? Well, learn from that and press again. This way, soon you will come upon the key that opens the door and the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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