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Studying in the US-When it comes to Studying in US, we all know the USA is pretty popular for study destinations from around the world over the past few years. Even though many countries have provided English-taught methods, many students still choose to study in the USA. In this article, we will tell you why.

Why choose the USA as a study destination? – Studying in US

The first and foremost reason why students choose to study in the USA is that US degrees have an excellent reputation in the world. It has a strong connection to how well-funded and supported the universities in the states are.

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The classes are always evolving which always attracts new students from around the world. Talking about diversity, universities in the US will show you what diversity is. Dormitories and classes are always full of students from various backgrounds.

This is also another way for you to learn new things and cultures as well. And another reason why universities in the US are very popular is that the academic environment is very flexible. It makes the learning process feel so engaging and relevant for anyone according to your interests. Studying in the US

Top Universities in USA – Studying in US

1 California Institute of Technology

CalTech has an impressive result in successful affiliates and graduates. Six faculties available in this university put the focus on engineering and science. If you are interested to pursue science degrees and go on with the job then you should consider CalTech.

2 Stanford University

Located in Palo Alto, Stanford University has shown its prominent role in the developing tech industry. Many people consider this campus as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world due to its distinctive sand colors. However, admission is highly competitive. Documents needed for scholarship application 2020

3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a place where entrepreneurs are born. The undergrad programs are the most selective in the states while the most popular programs include computer science and engineering programs. It only takes 8 percent of all applicants. More than 30 percent of students at MIT are coming from 154 countries around the world.

Scholarships for International Students

The government of United States provides scholarships for international students. Foreign Fulbright Student Program, for example, offers full scholarship for Master and Ph.D. degrees. It will cover all tuition fees, health insurance, essential living expenses, and textbooks.

Humphrey Fellowship Program, on the other hand, also offers one year of professional enrichment in the states. The awardees are chosen based on their commitment to public services and potential leadership. The scholarship covers all expenses related to your program. Chevening Scholarship Application

Student Jobs – Studying in US

If you want to study and work at the same time in the USA, you need to take a look at its Work-Study program. This program allows all international students to work off-campus, legally, with American companies. Also, you can work even if you are currently studying for your degrees.

Other jobs that might interest you are the internship position. According to the Immigration Service regulations, international students can work up to and even more than 40 hours per week by following the duration stated in the program. Also, students can work full-time and part-time as long as you are studying in the USA.

Colleges and universities also offer scholarships so you should take a look at them as well.

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Life after Studying in the US – Studying in US

After your graduation, you have options to pursue higher education or simply go to work. However, you need to make sure that your visa will support your work if you plan to work in the USA as well.

If you are joining an agency, it can help you to find jobs with the assistance given. Or, you can simply return home to use what you have learned in the USA.



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