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Studying in Norway

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Studying in Norway – The Best Universities in Norway

Norway is one of the best places for studying. This country has the best and the top universities in the world. This is why quite many students wish studying in Norway. You will need to spend 3 years to get a bachelor degree in Norway. While for postgraduate programs, you will need 2 years. Students can also get a bachelor degree and master degree at the same time for 5 years. Some study programs that become favorites to take in Norway are architecture, business management, engineering, and also law. The registration process to apply to universities in Norway is not that difficult. In addition, there are a lot of scholarship programs that can be chosen. You just need to make sure you have all of the requirements needed and already decided what course you want to study.

As it is said before, Norway has many high-ranked universities. You can have at least some options from those best universities. Below are some recommended universities in Norway.

Oslo University – Studying in Norway

This university has been operating since 1813 and becomes the first university in Norway. As you can see, the name of this university is taken from the name of a city in the country. The most popular studies in this university are laws and science. Oslo University also has a museum which becomes a house for 3 Viking ships. Since being opened, this university has become an elite school that has famous lecturers.

Bergen University – Studying in Norway

The mission of Bergen University is to contribute to the community through research, education, dissemination, and innovation. Bergen University is located in the middle of Bergen city in Norway. So, it is easy to reach and quite crowded as it is surrounded by college student residences. This university is the state university which offers high quality education. Recent Scholarships in Switzerland for 2020 Apply Now

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

For those of you who want to study deeply about science and technology, then the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is the best place for you. This university has been established since 1910 and becomes the biggest university in Norway until now. There are some study programs offered, including science, social science, humanities, medical and health, economy, finance and administration, architecture, and also art.

The Arctic University of Norway

The Arctic University of Norway is the third biggest university in Norway. The location of this university is at the edge of the North Pole. If you study in this university, you will be able to learn and study about global issues from a closer perspective. The Arctic University of Norway refers to research-based teaching. The academic community in TromsØ consists of more than 20% academic staff and 10% of overseas students. Chevening Scholarship Application

Norwegian University of Life Science

Studying at the Norwegian University of Life Science means that you will learn about how to overcome and handle big global challenges and issues related to the environment and nature. You will also learn about sustainable development and how to increase and improve the health of humans and animals. Norwegian University of Life Science also teaches about renewable energy sources, food production, and land and resource management. If you are interested to learn about anything related to nature and environment, this university is a suitable place for you to study. How to write a winning SOP/PS for grad school.

Those are the best and recommended universities in Norway for those who have the dream of studying in Norway. The entry requirements are different, as it depends on each university’s policies. But the academic background needed is mostly the same, such as transcripts, degree, letter of recommendation, and so on. English certifications such as TOEFL and IELTS are also required. So, which university in Norway attracts you the most?

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