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Scholarships in UK

Recent Scholarships in UK For All International Students

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Scholarships in UK Many international schools adopt the British education system. This is a proof that the U.K. has one of the best systems of education. Therefore, it’s not wrong, if you plan or dream to study directly in the U.K. and feel the real educational system there.

However, just like other abroad study programs, there is burden of high cost. Aside the tuition fee, living cost is also a huge worry . For that reason, we provide information about several scholarship programs in the U.K. that will ease this burden.

Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Scholarship for the MA Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies (Online) – Scholarships in UK

If you want an online course at the University of London, this scholarship program is a good choice for you. The program was created for students of the MA Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies.

9As long as you are a citizen of the low/middle-income countries as listed on its official website, you are eligible to apply and receive this award. As for the benefits, you will get the full course cover, which has a value of £8,220. This is, indeed, a good choice, for you who want to study in the U.K., but unable to move there. Follow the link for more information about this program and Scholarships in UK

University of Exeter Global Commitment Scholarship 2020/2021 – Scholarships in UK

This scholarship in UK program is created by the University of Exeter for  international students. This program is only available for Law, Education Degree Apprenticeships, Island Biodiversity, and Conversation program of Master and Diploma level. As for the benefits, you will get £2,000, which will be given to cover your tuition fees. For more information on this scholarship, the requirement and other benefits, click here

British Chevening Scholarships for International Students – Scholarships in UK

This is one of the top scholarship programs that are well-known across the globe. The British Chevening Scholarships will give you a chance to study at UK Universities. This program is only available for international students from Chevening-eligible countries, granted strictly for the Postgraduate and Master’s level programs. Fortunately, it applied to all subjects that have those levels of the program at UK Universities. Successful applicants receive university tuition fees, monthly living expense, as well as transportation and allowance for extra expenditure. Visit the official website to know more about this scholarship program, as well as the list of Chevening-eligible countries. 

International Ph.D. Studentship in the UK

This scholarship program was created to accommodate the international students who want to take the International Ph.D. training and studentship at the University of Liverpool. It is only available for one subject, which is Developing Operando Methods for Precision Battery Characterisation. The recipient will get satisfying funding for research, especially when he/she have successfully achieved good results within the academic year of 2020-2021. For more details on this program, click here.

Others Include:

The UON International Scholarships In Uk

This scholarship was created by the University of Northampton, UK, for international students who apply to study at this university. The unique thing about this scholarship program is that you don’t need to apply for it. When you apply to enter this university, you have eligibly applied for this scholarship program as well. Therefore, what you need to do there is to study hard and show the best result from your studies. Once you meet the requirement, you will be notified that you have been awarded this scholarship in UK.

As for benefits, you will get up to 30% of full tuition fees reduction for the program that you take. This benefit is effective until you finish your program. For more information about the scholarship, click here.

ULMS Southeast Asia Excellence Scholarship – Scholarships in UK

This scholarship in uk was launched for students of Southeast Asia nationalities that wants to study in the University of Liverpool. This is the main requirement of eligibility to receive this scholarship benefits. Similar to the UON International scholarship, you don’t need to apply for this scholarship. Your application to enter the University of Liverpool to take a master degree program will also become the application for this scholarship. This scholarship will give benefits of a 50% master degree program’s fee waiver for the applicant that wins this scholarship. If you want to know more about this scholarship, visit this link.

Upcoming Scholarships In Uk Programs

Robert McKee International Screenwriting Scholarship

This scholarship was created for students who pursues a program in the field of Screenwriting and Film at Regent’s University London. The benefits you will get when you win this scholarship are:

  • £7,000 incentive for one standard program duration,
  • A complimentary place on Robert McKee’s legendary Story Seminar,
  • Attendance at a dedicated Q&A session,
  • A complimentary place at the London Screenwriters’ Festival whenever it’s hosted at Regent’s University London,
  • A leading role in Film, Media & Performance events at Regent’s University.

For more information, visit:

Rotary Peace Fellowships

This scholarship is available for you who want to study in several countries, such as the USA, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and the UK. As for the UK, you will have a chance to study at the University of Bradford with several benefits, such as:

  • Free full tuition fee,
  • Free round-trip transportation,
  • Cover fee for all internship and field-study expenses.

If you are interested in this program, you can visit:

Here are several alternative scholarship in UK that you also can try:

Conclusion Studying at universities in the U.K. is a good decision. And, with the scholarship programs available, you’re one step closer to your dreams. Choose any of these programs and have a better chance to get the best education, facility, research material and general life experience.


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