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Thinking of a Breathtaking Place To visit in Canada?

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Queen Elizabeth Park Whether it’s local or international travel, traveling allows you to explore beautiful places; it’s a form of relaxation too. One of the places you should visit when you’re in Canada is Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver. The park is a one-stop spot for fascinating floral display.

queen elizabeth park


It was first a quarry, before being transformed into the beauty it is today.
Today, it is home to Vancouver’s highest pitch and putt golf, disc, and of course the quarry garden.
The garden is adorned with large species flora plants, bloedel flora conservatory, painter corner, sculpture, dancing waters, and other amazing flowers.
If you have visited there before, do tell us your experience.
And, if you haven’t, when you do, we’ll be glad to hear about your experience.
Hey, it’s the weekend, take some time to relax and be taken “kiaruf”
How do you plan to relax this weekend?

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