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How You Can Relocate to Canada As a Student Without IELTS

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19-Minute Video Reveals Exactly How You Can Relocate to Canada As a Student – Without IELTS & Become a Permanent Resident After Your Education

The step-by-step blueprint Michael Apata followed to successfully move to Canada as an international student and also become a permanent resident of Canada all without an agent.

In the Study In Canada Masterclass, you can follow his blueprint to achieve the same for yourself or your children in the next few months.


  • How to search for schools and programs that will save you a lot of unnecessary agent fees.
  • You will learn the exact process for getting undergraduate admission to Canadian schools
  • You will discover special programs that can help you come to Canada outside the regular undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
  • You will learn about the Cost of living as a student in Canada. This is a vital aspect of your immigration journey to Canada. Knowing this ahead will help you plan appropriately.
  • How much is your tuition fee and how do you pay them conveniently? You will learn this
  • You will learn the secrets of increasing your visa approval chances.
  • You will learn how to write an impressive statement of intent that gets you admission.
  • Getting your first job is key to sustaining yourself in Canada. You will learn how to do this fast.
  • If you’re married and you want your spouse and children to join you in Canada, you need to know certain things. I will explain those vital things too.
  • Becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident after your education is the hallmark of your journey. I dedicated a whole video to this.
  • You will discover the strategies to funding your education without help from parents or the government.




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