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When someone’s health condition is critical, they’re taken into the intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital. There, if the condition is quite grim, they may be placed on a life support machine.


Somebody on a life support machine is like someone on the brink of descending into an abyss, only suspended with a thin cord which itself is only a weak thread away from severing. In other words, they are barely alive. Perhaps they are in a coma. Their instant death is guaranteed should the machine fail for just a few seconds. So they’re sustained on it while they’re operated upon, or await the required treatment, or even until they reach the limit beyond which they can’t carry on — not even on life support.


So it is with so many today. Their dreams are on life support. Perhaps you were once “on fire” with the ambition of going overseas for studies. But for some reason, those noble embers have gone out.

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Well, the dream of overseas study has not really died but you are now lukewarm about it all. You no longer burn with the same vigor. You are now lackadaisical about the pursuit of better education overseas. You’re no longer charged with fire as before. In your heart lie cold ashes where once were live coals for overseas scholarships.


No, you have not totally abandoned the dream. That is why you are here, reading this article. You are faintly hoping that there exists an opportunity of, not just reviving, but realizing your old dreams. You hope that you still have a chance to:


  • win a scholarship
  • be admitted in a world-class university overseas

obtain a visa

  • finance your travel
  • secure a job upon graduating from undergraduate or Master’s degree
  • and the list goes on


Life on life support, Inasmuch as it is still a human, can achieve nothing. He or she can’t do anything. They can’t even blink. The same is true of a dream on life support. It requires just a little negative news to die.


Do not think that simply savoring the idea of going overseas for studies, then it will come to you. Wishes have never been horses.


First, you have to take your dreams off the life support machine where you “secured” it. For a human, this advice might mean ultimate homicide. But not so with dreams. The life support machine is actually where dreams die painfully, and slowly.


While humans in critical condition may need the life support machine, dreams don’t need it. While a human taken off life support without adequate treatment would die, a dream taken off life support machine (most common of which are excuses) will revive and live and survive and thrive.


Putting your dreams on life support — where you’re not actively chasing it — is what actually kills it, steadily.

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Excuses, not obstacles, are the life support of dreams; and they kill dreams, they don’t save it.


Remove the excuses that dampen your dreams to death and be rather be charged with fire as you pursue them. Remove those convenient excuses!




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