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DAAD Scholarship Research Grants – Short-Term Grants

DAAD Scholarship Research Grants – Short-Term Grants– Under this category, DAAD sponsors international scholars: Graduates, Doctoral candidates/Ph.D. students, and Postdoctoral researchers to undertake studies and research projects in Germany.

Level of study:                                   Graduates, Doctoral candidates/Ph.D. students, Postdoctoral researchers

Program Duration:                             1 – 6 months (non-renewable). The length is decided by a selection committee and it depends on the project and the work schedule of the applicant

Funding organization:                        DAAD

Study location:                                   Germany

Language of instruction:                  German or English

Application Deadline:                       31 Dec 2021 (country dependent)

Application Start date:                     Application starts six (6) weeks before the application deadline. However, it is wise to start preparing your application documents

Note:  Video of the step-by-step application will be made available soon!

First, I must say that the application process looks a bit cumbersome, but very straightforward if you are keen. Therefore, I advise that you take your time and prepare well for this application in other to successfully submit a competitive application and increase your chances of winning this prestigious grant!


Benefits (what the scholarship covers)

Tuition fee                                                                                                     No tuition fee (free)

Monthly allowance for graduates                                                                 €861

Monthly allowance for doctoral candidates & postdocs                               €1200 Euro

Travel Allowance from home country to Germany                                       Allowance (depends on country)

Health insurance, accident, and personal liability insurance (monthly)


Brief description

This is one of the various scholarship programs offered by DAAD, to study or carry out research in Germany. It is targeted at:

  • Excellently qualified doctoral candidates and  young academics and scientists holding a Master’s degree or equivalent at the latest by the start of their grant-supported research, or those who already completed a Ph.D. (postdocs)
  • Doctoral candidates carrying out a full doctorate in Germany are not eligible for this scholarship


Requirements and Prerequisites
The typical applicant for this scholarship should have:

  • A good Bachelor’s and good Master’s degree in a relevant field
  • His/her Academic degrees should normally not be more than 6 years old (exceptions exist) before the application deadline.
  • Those already holding a doctorate, the degree must not have been completed more than 4 years ago
  • Doctoral students/candidates must not have started their degree longer than 3 years previously
  • Must not have been residing in Germany for longer than 15 months at the application deadline
  • Applicants from medical fields please read
  • Language requirements
    • This depends on the applicant’s study plan and subject:
      • Proof of good English skills may be required or proof of good German skills
  • Research plan/proposal

Eligible Countries for DAAD Scholarship: Doctoral Programs in Germany
Under this category of Development-Related Postgraduate Courses, offered by DAAD, applicants must come from one of the following countries:

Albania Congo, Democrat Republic Hong Kong (CN) Moldova Sierra Leone
Algeria Costa Rica Hungary Mongolia Slovakia
Angola Cote d’Ivoire Iceland Montenegro Slovenia
Antigua and Barbuda Croatia Iran Morocco Somalia
Argentina Cuba Ireland Mozambique South Africa
Armenia Cyprus Israel Namibia South Sudan
Australia Czech Republic Italy Netherlands Spain
Azerbaijan Denmark Jamaica New Zealand Sudan
Bahamas Djibouti Japan Nicaragua Suriname
Barbados Dominica Jordan Niger Swaziland
Belarus Dominican Republic Kazakhstan Nigeria Sweden
Belgium Ecuador Kenya North Macedonia Switzerland
Belize El Salvador Korea Norway Taiwan
Benin Equatorial Guinea Kosovo Pakistan Tajikistan
Bolivia Estonia Kyrgyzstan Panama Tanzania
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ethiopia Latvia Paraguay Togo
Botswana Finland Lebanon Peru Trinidad and Tobago
Bulgaria France Lesotho Poland Tunisia
Burkina Faso Gabon Liberia Portugal Turkey
Burundi Gambia Libya Romania Turkmenistan
Cameroon Georgia Lithuania Russia Federation Uganda
Canada Ghana Luxembourg Rwanda Ukraine
Cape Verde Greece Macao (CN) Saint Kitts and Navis United Kindom
Central African  Republic Grenada Madagascar Saint Lucia United States of America
Chad Guatemala Malawi Saint Vincent and the Grenadine Uruguay
Chile Guinea Mali San Marino Uzbekistan
China, PR Guinea-Bissau Malta Sao Tome and Principe Vatican City
Colombia Guyana Mauritania Senegal Venezuela
Comoros Haiti Mauritius Serbia Zambia
Congo Honduras Mexico Seychelles Zimbabwe

However, if your country is not on the list, you can still check the Over 190 different DAAD scholarship programs offered to scholars from different nationalities.

Courses Eligible for Funding: DAAD Scholarship Research Grants

Sponsorship is offered in the following fields:

  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Law, Economics and Social Sciences
  • Mathematics/Natural Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Veterinary Medicine/Agriculture, Forestry, and Nutritional Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Art, Music, Sport

Documents needed for DAAD scholarship application:

  • To be Uploaded to DAAD Portal Online
    • Online application form
    • List of publications (max. 10 pages)
    • Full curriculum vitae in tabular form (max. 3 pages)
    • Research plan/proposal, prepared and composed by you, and a description of previous research work (max. 5 pages with max. 3000 characters without spaces per page plus 2 pages for graphics where necessary). A proposal needs to have been discussed with a potential supervisor/academic adviser.
    • Schedule of planned research work
    • Letter confirming supervision by an academic adviser in Germany
    • University degree certificate indicating final grade(s) (can be submitted later, if not available at the time of application, but must be submitted before the start of the grant)
    • Copies of Academic Transcripts, incl. grading-scale
    • Other documents that support your application. Eg.:
      • Employment certificate, Internship certificate, etc
    • German or English translation of documents (if documents are in other languages)
    • proof of admission to a doctoral program at the home university (the university where you are currently carrying out your studies))
    • Note: If due to Corona you are unable to provide a Language proficiency certificate, there is an exemption. Check here under “Current note
  • To be submitted by post:
    • One recent reference/recommendation letter from a university teacher, which gives information about your qualification. Must have letterhead and hand-signed. No digital or scanned signature.


How to Apply/submitting an application DAAD Scholarship Research Grants

  • Step 1: Register in the DAAD portal (you can read notes on registration here)
  • Step 2: Request references
    • A template form is available in the DAAD portal in the section “Request reference”. Please send this form to your referee via email and ask that the completed reference form be returned to you in a sealed envelope for onward posting to DAAD.
  • Step 3: Apply online in the DAAD portal (you can read notes on applying online here)
    • Download and complete the online application form
    • Prepare application documents
    • Translate documents (if docs are not in English/German).
    • Scan paper documents (except references) and save them in PDF format.
    • Upload completed application form and other application documents (only PDF format). Translations, where applicable, should be uploaded in addition to documents issued in the original language.
    • Submit the uploaded application documents online.
  • Step 4: Send application documents by post
  • References must be sent in the “unopened” envelope to the application location. I.e the DAAD office in charge of your country



  • IMPORTANT: Only complete applications are considered.
  • Application Deadline: 31.12.2021 (country dependent)
  • Application Starts: Application starts six (6) weeks before the application deadline
  • For more details visit DAAD official site: Short Term Visit – DAAD
  • Video of the step by step online application will be made available soon









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