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A $50,000 Scholarship You Can Win

A $50,000 Scholarship You Can Win A few months prior, I took a stab at computing how much the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals was worth. $50,000 That is to say, I realized this grant covers full educational expenses, month to month recompenses and travel award.

50,000 Scholarship

In any case, I needed to have a thought of how much the Swedish government puts resources into every grant holder across various Swedish colleges.

After my investigation, I found that, the grant is worth moderately $50,000 for a long term Master’s program for every grant holder. studying in Sweden cost?

Allow me to separate how I showed up at that number.

At the point when you win the Swedish Institute Scholarship, you get a movement award of SEK 15,000 for transportation to Sweden. (I got this inside one month of my appearance in Sweden in 2017)…

… You get SEK 10,000 every month as month to month recompense for a very long time (2-year Master’s program) or 10 months (1-year Master’s program)…

For a 2-year Master’s program, you would have gotten a sum of SEK 210,000 in month to month recompenses before the finish of your program.. online school for business degree in australia

… And at that point, your full educational expenses will be paid to your college. For my Master’s program, the educational expense was SEK 252,000 for the 2 years.

Presently, add SEK 15,000, SEK 210,000 and SEK 252,000… What do you get?

SEK 477,000… which is about $50,000 in US Dollars.

Clearly, this will be less for a 1 year Master’s program since at that point, it will just cover educational expenses and stipends for 1 year.

In any case, see that number once more.

50,000 US Dollars. That is 18 million naira, 283,000 Ghanaian cedis… . I mean I can continue endlessly in various monetary standards yet I’m certain you as of now see how gigantic this chance is.

What amount would you say you will do to win this groundbreaking chance? A $50,000 Scholarship You Can Win

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