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Reasons Why You Find Some Difficult Courses In School

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Reasons Why You Find Some Difficult Courses In School – Some courses may appear difficult to you for a variety of reasons. You need to understand that a course is not exactly difficult for everybody. However, the following might be the reason why you particularly find them difficult.

1. What are difficult courses?

Many times, before you enter a new semester or session, your senior colleagues start telling you about XYZ 301. They tell you how people failed the course, including the brilliant students in class. They mostly tend to exaggerate, and such emphatic statements mostly come from the lazy ones who love to exert fears into others. It’s better you walk up to the brilliant ones who they said failed the course, you will be surprised they actually bagged smooth A.

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2. You lack fundamental concepts.

Everything you’ve been learning from elementary school till date are progressive. if you didn’t understand the concept of alphabets, how would you learn to form words and then sentences? If a course is difficult for you, it could be that you started having such a problem right from the prerequisite course. what you do in this case is to go back to the course and understand it well.

Reasons Why You Find Some Courses Difficult In School

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3. The courses are bulky

Many students are found in the habit of preparing for exams a week or a few days before exams. While this trick might work for some courses, it doesn’t work for all.

A bulky course with technical terms can’t be covered in days, you need several weeks of intense preparation to get things right, this is what smart students do. If you prepare few days to exam for such courses, failure is imminent.


4. You attempted to learn it all on your own.

There is no island of knowledge anywhere. The smart ones in the class don’t always automatically know things, they also approach people to learn, or see their lecturers for a clearer explanation.

There is no reward for learning everything on your own, approach someone that knows it to teach you. The genius in your class would be more than willing to teach you, don’t be proud.

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