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Mbaogu Goodness Tochukwu
Content Development Manager

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She is a writer by passion and a Microbiologist by training. She creates compelling and engaging contents to help EuroAfConsults attain visibility and influence. She has other digital skills that helps her deliver exceptional service. They include: Motion graphics, Graphic design, Video animation and Video editing.

She is an author of the two books: "Wedlock, a Padlock" and "More than just a Student" plus many other articles and short stories. Her recent Publication, "More than just a Student" is a handbook for undergraduates. It was written out of her experience for half a decade in a Nigerian university. To her, papered qualifications and good grades are not just enough to thrive in the society. There is need for more. She highlighted other essential factors that makes a student Exceptional in "More than just a Student".

Her desire is that students would come out as graduates who can innovate new ideas, modify existing ones and create employment. We can be MORE!!!

To get any of her books or to know more about the books, click here

Her hobbies includes surfing the net, reading, playing monopoly, traveling, hiking, and meeting new people. She is a core adventurist.


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