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Studying in Japan

Studying in Japan

What You Should Know Before Deciding to Study in Japan

Japan has become one of the most famous countries for the development of technology and innovation. Many famous and best universities are also located in this country. So, it is not surprising that a lot of students want to study in Japan. By studying in Japan, they will be able to learn about various academics, study about the best technology and science in the world, have experiences of studying in an international environment, and also have a chance to get a job in Japan. How to write a winning SOP/PS for grad school.

Japan is also known for its politeness. So, this is the reason why eastern people tend to choose this country to continue their studies because they will not likely experience such a great culture shock compared to countries in Europe or the USA. For you who is interested in studying in Japan, here are some information that might be useful to you.

How to Register for Universities in Japan?

There are many ways to register for colleges in Japan and you can do it by yourself. Generally, the registration for bachelor degree is performed by joining an entrance exam of the chosen university after sending the registration form. While for postgraduate, there are some universities in Japan which require a letter of recommendation from a professor who will guide you before joining the entrance examination. You are able to find complete information about this in education exhibitions, Japan Education agencies, or Japanese embassies.

And, what is the minimum time we need to prepare for studying in Japan? Generally, you will need around a year to 2 years if you choose college programs that use Japanese language. But if you choose international programs that use English, you will need a shorter period of time because you do not have to take a Japanese language course for the preparation.

Is It Possible to Get A Scholarship in the Middle of Your Study?

There are scholarship programs that will allow you to get a scholarship in the middle of your study in Japan. And if you do not get any scholarship, you do not have to be worried. This is because, there are loads of part-time jobs that you can apply for so as to enable you fulfill your daily needs. By working on part-time jobs, you will also be able to have experiences of working in Japan. This way, you will be able to figure out the work rhythm in Japan which is very useful and beneficial if you plan to get a job in the country. Masters Scholarships in Europe 2020/2021 Apply Now

A lot of part-time jobs are available in Japan. You can work in restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shops, and many more. If you are already fluent in Japanese language, you can try to be a Japanese language translator.

What is the Cost of Living in Japan?

The daily cost of living in Japan is around ¥4,681 ($42) in average. While for the university entrance fee, it is usually divided into 2 types; per semester or per year. However, most universities in Japan suggest to pay the tuition fee per year. It can be said that the living cost in Japan is affordable. However, it depends on the region. If you live in big cities in Japan, the cost of living is usually more expensive compared to the cost of living in small cities. Studying in Canada

What Should be Prepared for Studying in Japan?

There are some certificates that you must have if you want to study in Japan. They are TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, JLPT, and EJU. EJU or Examination for Japanese Universities is a must for international students. Moreover, you also have to prepare for the interview test, essay, and also academic potential test.

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